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               Pepi Hospital is the second app we tried after Good App – Pepi Doctor, which is a huge hit in our home. Most young kids and even adults on the Autism spectrum hate hospitals and my son is no exception. I was looking for an app, where he could take a look at the different equipment and get a general feel of  a hospital in a playful environment. Pepi Hospital app serves this purpose perfectly. 




                    This app comes with many characters to interact with and your kiddo plays the role of a doctor as he/she helps cure the patients. Pepi Bot is there to help your kiddo with needed tools, fun change of clothes and even cleans up the mess. The ambulance regularly delivers new patients and provides your kiddo with endless play as he/she takes the patient to the right floor and provides them with treatment.




                      Let’s check out the floors in the Pepi Hospital.  In the blood lab, your kiddo can monitor blood transfusion, observe a slide under a microscope,etc. I loved the newborn nursery. It is fun trying to feed the babies, bathe them, weigh them and even put them to sleep.                               






                   Take an x-ray, get a cast and give the patient a walking support. My son loved the Exercise room and physical therapist office where he made the characters perform fitness routine like using a treadmill, lifting weights,etc.




              In the surgical ward, your kiddo can help them get ready for surgery, monitor blood pressure, give oxygen and have fun-filled learning.




                  There are so many features in this app that it is not possible to list them all here. I will, however, mention the ones I found very useful and interesting – Ultrasound Scan, Body part puzzles, pharmacy, dentist chair and the equipment, feeding the patients, and most of all, the tons of equipment available for our children to play with and  learn how to use them and how they are helpful in diagnosis. 


                                     This is a lite version of the app that is free to download on both itunes and Google play stores. To unlock all floors, you will need to pay $2.99 for the full version. To purchase the app in itunes, click Here and to get it on Google Play click Here.


                        To watch a demo of the app :





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