Rainbow Chickpeas (Chana)




              Rainbow chickpeas or chana are great for sensory play and are very easy to make. Take chana in a zip lock pouch, add water colour and zip it. Ask you kiddo to shake them till they are uniformly coloured. Once done, set them to dry and they are all done. Simple and you can make as many colours as you want. Thank you Dyan from Next comes l for this wonderful post. You can read it on :



                               This  post has detailed instructions as well as a video. Go, check it out guys.





               In addition to sensory play, they are a great way to practice fine motor skills by sorting by colours, counting, say six red peas plus two blue peas. Use them any way you choose. 


             We used Camlin Water Colour Tubes for this and the rainbow dyes chana do look lovely!




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