Water Wow From Melissa & Doug




                  Water Wow from the house of Melissa & Doug is a no-mess painting for kids. When your kiddo has significant fine motor difficulties, getting them interested in colouring is tough. Same is the case with my son. But with this vehicle edition of water wow, he fell in love with it right away and coloured three pages in one sitting! The book comes with four reusable pages and a reusable water pen. Unscrew the pen, fill it with water, press a little to make sure the tip is wet and you are all set. Invite your kiddo and see him/her have fun-filled learning that develops fine motor skills, visual skills, eye hand coordination and early writing skills. You must be wondering why did I include visual skills in the list, right? Each scene comes with a search and find activity. For example, in the scene with firemen, your kiddo has to look for fire hydrant, two cats, dog,etc in the scene which promotes visual skills such as scanning, figure-ground differentiation, etc.




            Once you kiddo is done with colouring, let the pages dry and they are ready for use again!





                There are many different versions of water wow game.







                   You can check out the different versions of Water Wow on Amazon India.      



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