Love That Boy By Ron Fournier



Love That Boy book is written by Ron Fournier, a renowned political journalist. His son, Tyler, was diagnosed as an Aspie at the age of 12. That marks the beginning of Ron’s journey of understanding Tyler and forming a deep bond with him. Both father and son share a passion of Presidential history and set out on road trips to visit presidential memorials and also meet two presidents – Bill Clinton and George W. Bush.  During this journey, Ron honestly accepts how his expectations that his son should share the same passion as his – sports and other aspirations have hindered his bonding with his son.


There are many instances which any parent can easily connect to that show how knowingly or unknowingly our children face the burden of parental expectations. When Ron takes Tyler to meet Barack Obama and Michelle Obama, Tyler is nervous but hopes that he doesn’t let his dad down! He is more nervous about failing to meet his dad’s expectations. Another instance is when Ron asks Tyler if he is happy? Tyler replies he is happy in his own way. When Ron fails to understand, Tyler explains it as –

 “You have a picture in your head of what makes a kid happy. But then you have a kid and it doesn’t turn out that way. That just means your picture didn’t come true. It doesn’t mean I’m not happy. I have a different picture.”


Gradually, Ron develops a deep bond with his son and understands his love for video games rather than sports and realizes that his son is happy and content when he gets to spend time with family who understands and accepts him and doesn’t expect him to fit their image of he should be.


The book is full of wonderful wisdom for parents of both special needs kids and neurotypical kids. My favourite quote from the book is :

“We Should measure our children not by the mountains they conquer but by their efforts to climb. Oh – and let them pick which hills to scale.” 


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