Semantic Toolkit : Tackle WH-Questions



Semantic toolkit: Tackle WH-Questions is a digital download developed by Upbility, a website which has many wonderful ready-to-use resource materials. If your kiddo is struggling with WH-Questions, this comprehensive resource will be of immense help.




This ebook contains 120 double sided picture cards that help progressively build comprehension skills in your kiddo as he/she learns to answer increasingly complex WH-Questions, i.e., Which, What, Where and Why/What for. The picture cards from 1 to 60 ( see image shared above)  include 180 questions in total that aim to develop practice naming items depicted in the picture, while knowing the category they belong to and one of their distinctive features, in response to a WH-Question prompt.





Picture cards 60 to 120 include 540 questions and help in practicing matching items to their category and providing information about them in response to three WH-question prompts.  For example – What is a mirror? Where can we see a mirror? and What do we use it for?



The vocabulary featured on the materials is divided in seven categories   – clothing, animals, objects, food / drinks, household items and rooms around the house, appliances / devices and means of transport. Very comprehensive and perfect for our visual learners.


You can purchase this ebook on Upbility by clicking Here.



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