SolveMe Puzzles Website


SolveMe Puzzles is an educational website that features many interesting math puzzles for children. If your kiddo is a visual learner and if you are looking for a way to make math and problem solving more fun and interesting for him/her, this website will be very helpful to you.


There are three types of puzzles featured in this website – Mobiles, Who am I? and Mystery grid. Each type has many inbuilt puzzles and there is a feature wherein you can create your own puzzles. In Mobiles, your kiddo has to balance the virtual mobile by entering the correct numbers.




In Who am I? Puzzles, there are clues given and your kiddo has to deduce the correct answer. For example puzzle 2 in this section is:


My value is even

My value is not less than 5 and

My  value is less than 8

Answer to this puzzle is 6.




In Mystery Grid, your kiddo has to drag and drop numbers to solve the puzzles. Some places in the puzzle are already given and the child has to figure out the rest.



This website features many ready-made puzzles to develop logical thinking skills, math and problem solving skills in your children. Visit the website and explore it:


To watch a video preview :