What You Can Do Right Now To Help your Child With Autism




What You Can Do Right Now To Help Your child With Autism is a wonderful book written by Jonathan Levy, a certified Son-Rise program practitioner with over 25 years of experience.  This book is a compilation of ten best techniques from the Son-Rise program, that will enable parents and caregivers to interact more deeply and consistently with an Autistic child. Let’s take a brief look at the ten techniques from the book:


First one is – Don’t React. How you react to your child’s behaviour has a major impact on their frequency. The author says that both our internal ( how you feel) and external (what you do) reactions count and non-judgemental approach is needed.


Second is – Make eye contact a priority. The author describes how eye contact is the heart of interaction and the more the children look at us, the more they learn. Techniques to improve eye contact are elaborated


Third is – Join with the stims. Recognizing and accepting that stimming serves a function for your kiddo. By joining in his/her stims, you are entering his world and building a bridge between your worlds, thus encouraging him to accept and value your relationship.


Fourth is – Respond differently to crying.  The author states that there are two reasons for crying – one your child is really unhappy and another is your kiddo is trying to get what he wants by crying. Either way, staying calm and peaceful is the key.


Fifth is – Give your child as much control as possible. Our children live in an unpredictable world over which they have very little control. When we physically manipulate our children against their wishes, they feel more helpless. Giving more control to your kiddo builds a significantly stronger and deeper relationship with you.


Sixth is – Focus on your attitude. The author, rightly says, that our children are very perceptive of our moods and attitude and faking them will not work.


Seventh is – Work one on one in a Non-distracting room. The three environmental factors, i.e., the level of distraction, level of control and the emotional attitude of the people around your child, affect the learning of your kiddo.


Eighth is  – be dynamic with your child. The author describes the three tools of enthusiasm i.e., vary your tone of voice, vary your facial expressions and vary how you move your body.


Ninth is – Get more language. Covers many important ways to develop language and sheds light on how commonly taught words like – it, this, that, more, again, etc., are ‘vocabulary killers’.


Tenth is – make sure food isn’t part of the problem. Talks about ways to increase the number of foods your kiddo will by eat by presenting them with enthusiasm and optimism.


Even if you are able to implement only three or four techniques from this book, you will find a marked improvement in the way your kiddo your kiddo interacts with you. What more can you ask for?

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