FeviKwik Commercial – Teaching Inference And Narrative Skills




Remember this funny FeviKwik commercial from a few years back? I was searching for short videos to help my son learn inference and narrative skills, videos that are not too long, have few words and provide an opportunity to develop many skills without even make it look like therapy!


This is a short 40 second video, great for our kids with short attention span. Watch this video with your kiddo, once ot twice, even in shorter clips of ten seconds if needed,  and explain the commercial if they find it difficult to understand and then ask him/her questions like:

Q) What is happening in the video, write/say in a few words/sentences…

Q) What can you infer from the expressions of the first man in the commercial?

Q) What is the second person doing before dipping the stick in water?

Q) How is he able to catch fish so quickly?

Q) What is the commercial trying to convey?


These are just sample questions, add your own questions to suit your child’s needs. Do try this with your kiddo and don’t forget to share your feedback.



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