PlayMais is an absolutely amazing way to develop fine motor skills, creativity, eye hand coordination, bilateral coordination, hand strength and visual skills in our children. Made from natural corn grits, water and food colours for colouring, this is the most natural and biodegradable product in our sensory room. There are many  versions of PlayMais available int he market, today I will review – PlayMais Fun to learn Colors and Forms.



The set comes with many PlayMais, a soft cloth and 14 picture cards that introduce kids to shapes and colours. First wet the cloth a bit, squeeze it, then touch a PlayMais to it and its ready to stick to another Playmais. Very simple!



There are many ways your kiddo can play with PlayMais – stick them on the picture cards, cut them, squeeze them, join them to form new shapes, sort them, etc,.



They are fun to play and immensely therapeutic! You can purchase them on Amazon India.



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