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Science Detective is the third software I am reviewing from The Critical Thinking Co., the earlier ones were Good Software – Reading Detective Beginning and Good software – Building Thinking Skills Level 1.


Science Detective is available in the form of a book/e-book/app and software. We used the software version. It is available in two levels – Science Detective Beginning and Science Detective A 1. It is a multiple award winning software and encourages children to develop critical thinking skills by understanding increasingly complex science concepts and using their inferential and deduction skills to find the right answer. Not only that, they have to select the sentence(s) from the text that helped them arrive at the answer!



Now let’s take a look at the topics covered in Science Detective Beginning:


Physical Science
•  Physical Properties: Observing, Measuring
•  Change of Phase
•  States/Classification of Matter
•  Position, Distance, Motion
•  Pushing, Pulling Forces
•  Sound, Hearing, Force
•  Light:  Reflection, Refraction
•  Heat:  Sources, Conduction
•  Electricity, Circuits/Symbols
•  Magnetism, Electromagnetism
Life Science
•  Animals, Plants, Environment
•  Instincts, Behavior
•  Plant, Animal Cells
•  Plant Structure, Function, Survival
•  Animals, Plants, Energy
•  Animal Needs, Behavior
•  The Five Senses, Survival
•  Life Cycles: Plants, Animals
•  Heredity
•  Environment, Change
Earth Science
•  Earth Science, Earth Materials
•  Minerals, Soils, Rocks
•  Objects in the Sky/The Sun
•  Changes to Earth’s Surface
•  Atmosphere, Weather
•  Measuring Temperature, Air Pressure, Humidity
•  Motion of Objects in the Universe


Concepts  covered in Science Detective A 1 are:


Physical Science
•  Measuring Matter:  Mass, Volume, and Density
•  Physical and Chemical Properties of Matter
•  Physical and Chemical Changes in Matter
•  Atoms, Elements, and Compounds
•  Chemicals:  Helpful and Harmful
•  Kinetic and Potential Energy
•  Force and Motion
•  Simple Machines:  Inclined Plane, Lever, Machines
and Work
•  Simple Machines:  Wheel-and-Axle
and Pulley
•  Thermal Energy
•  Sound and Light Energy
•  Static Electricity
•  Circuits
•  Electromagnets
•  Electric Energy
•  Energy Sources and Conversion
Life Science
•  Cells
•  Cell Parts and Functions
•  Reproduction and Growth of Cells
•  Genetics
•  DNA
•  Uses of Genetics
•  Skeletal and Muscular Systems
•  Circulatory and Respiratory Systems
•  Nervous System
•  Digestive System
•  Reproductive System
•  Classification of Organisms
•  Function of Plant Parts
•  Reproduction in Plants
•  Invertebrates
•  Vertebrates
•  Earth’s Biomes
•  Ecosystems
Earth Science
•  Plate Tectonics:  Mountains, Volcanoes,
and Earthquakes
•  Rock Cycle, Erosion, and Deposition
•  Properties of Rocks and Minerals
•  Geological Time
•  Natural Resources
•  Ocean Exploration
•  Ocean Resources
•  Earth, Moon, and Sun
•  Weather:  Measurement, Causes,
and Changes
•  Classification of the Sun and Other Stars
•  Inner and Outer Solar System


Very Comprehensive, isn’t it? As your kiddo progresses through the various cases and completes them, he/she wins the Master Science Detective Award with their name that can be printed!  As I mentioned earlier, it is available in various formats, visit the website for more information and pricing :



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