Sight Words Sentence Builder App



Sight Words Sentence Builder App developed by Sierra vista Software is a simple and effective way to develop functional literacy in our children. Since sight words constitute more than 50% of regular words used in English, learning them and arranging them in an order to build sentences is very useful for your kiddo.



You can select from three different themes – Classic ( shown above), Little Princess and Trains. There are four levels in this app, 1 to 4 and there is also an option to choose – All Levels, wherein sentences from all levels are played randomly.



As you can see in the above image, words are randomly displayed on the screen and your kiddo has to drag and drop them in the correct order to make a meaningful sentence.



This is the Little Princess theme. The number of words and the complexity of the sentence increases with corresponding levels.



This is the Trains theme. Choose a theme your kiddo loves and watch him/her develop and strengthen her sight words vocabulary and sentence building skills.


This is a Free app and you can download it from  itunes store or from Google play Store



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