Developing Leisure Time Skills For People With Autism



Developing leisure time skills for people with Autism spectrum disorders – Practical strategies for home, school and community is written by Phyllis Coyne ( over 40 years experience working with Autistic individuals as an Autism consultant and therapeutic recreation specialist), Mary Lou Klagge ( has over 25 years experience working with people with Autism as a special educator) and Colleen Nyberg ( has over 26 years experience as an Autism consultant). That truly is a wealth of experience!


I am sure any parent of a child with special needs will agree that developing leisure skills or hobbies in their child would not only enrich their life but also provide some free time to the parent when they don’t have to keep an eye on them. But the problem is finding out what hobbies suit your kiddo, how to develop them and eventually make them independent. This book provides a road map for both professionals and parents in not only recognizing the possible leisure time skills/hobbies, but also how to develop them in the individual.


The book is divided into two parts. The first part is divided into chapters on Leisure and ASD, Components of leisure development, Leisure assessment and separate chapters on the three components of leisure development – The immediate component, Exposure component and the Training component. The chapters are extensive and elaborate with examples of three individuals on the Autism spectrum.


The immediate component involves activities that provide immediate sensory feedback and are therefore involve minimum teaching. Eg: Sensory toys. The exposure component involves repeated and structured exposure to carefully selected leisure activities to develop new interests. The training component involves teaching them to do the activity independently and also teach important concepts such as when/where/with whom to do the activity and other problem solving skills.


The second part of the book is the appendices and provides all the forms and charts discussed in the book along with Activity cards – for introducing 48 new activities to the Autistic individual. Each activity card has :

Get ready cards – to prepare the individual for the activity

The real thing cards – to show the real experience of the activity and

Review cards


The 48 activity cards are grouped into arts and crafts, board and card games, hobbies, physical activities and sensory crafts. They will equip you with knowledge to make your own activity cards to suit your child’s needs.


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