Voices From The Spectrum – Meet Kanha Avasthy



Kanha Avasthy is a teenager on the Autism spectrum. He runs his own store – Kanha proteins. His previous ventures like Kanha’s kitchen were a huge success. But this budding entrepreuneur  had to work very hard to reach this stage.  With immense support from his parents, particularly, his mother, Kanha has once again proved that – Nothing is impossible when you have the will power and are willing to work hard! Let’s get to know Kanha by chatting with his mother – Deepali Avasthy.




Q) Would you like to share your Autism journey with us.

Today I am going to share my beautiful journey with my 14 yrs, smart, handsome dashing son kanha, who is having autism. When Kanha was 2 and half yrs, he was diagnosed mild autistic features with developmental delay,  mild autistic features like rotating movement at one place only with long duration, no eye contact, not responding when we called him by his name, non verbal, sleeping problem was also there. His milestones were proper, everything was normal.


One of my relative observe that when we called him by his name, he did not respond, he asked me to visit doctors place, we have our family doctor who is pediatrician she observed kanha and asked me so many questions. And after diagnosis she said sorry Deepali, Kanha is having autism and its lifelong problem and be prepared for challenges, and he can never be normal. I was shocked, without wasting my time I tried to find out a centre for him and luckily we got centre in Indore. We meet so many parents there, and we started his therapies at the age of 3. when we started his therapies, we saw drastic changes in him. He was very calm, concentration was improving, his speech developed when he was 4 yrs and his first word was “Sai baba”. I was shocked with lots of tears., I can’t express my emotions now.


We could not continue his therapies, so I started working with him at home only with the help of Internet and within 1 year, his understanding skill improved, giving eye contact, responding to other person, even I started his sensory therapies at home, he was toilet trained. Here I want to mentioned that I never gave him any medicines, no GFCF diet, only patience with lots of love and care. I never scold him, wherever we go anywhere Kanha was also with us. When he will not sleep at time, I taught him so many things. He loves reading, he likes colorful things, so I took this advantage of this and teaches him so many things. When Kanha was 5 yrs, he could recognize the sign board, logos.  He knows more than 5000 logos by looking at them like, state Bank of India, Nokia, Samsung, onida, which shows that Kanha has capacity to grasp the things quickly.





Q) Please share a few details about Kanha Society.

In 2009 we shifted from Indore to Bhopal and here we searched for therapy centre for Kanha but we couldn’t find it. There was no centre here that works for autistic children, so we decided to start a centre for autism only. We hired therapist from Indore and started our centre in the name of “Kanha society for creative development” and in this mission electronic media support us a lot. In a media article they published Kanha’s story, so that people become aware of autism.  Its circulation was in Delhi, Maharashtra, Chandigarh, and Haryana, we got good response from other parents, so we started taking or conducting – “Mother child training programme”. We conducted so many awareness programs in Bhopal. We invited some professionals from Mumbai like ‘child n u’, ‘light house’ to Bhopal and organize 7 days programme. We made documentary film also, “tham lo”at that time. We invite Kavitaji from Bangalore to conduct  autism I pad and computer training program for autism. We also invited Rashmi Dutta from Delhi, who is certified RDI consultant, because I was doing RDI with Kanha.





Q) Your advice to other Autism parents…

Kanha is now 14 yrs. Now he is capable of doing lots of things.  He is a good artist, dancer, he is a big fan of Salman Khan, he remember all mantras, regularly watches Aapki Adalat in Aaj Tak, he is fond of freedom fighters, he likes to go outside and interact with other people. So this was my beautiful journey with Kanha, this journey is possible only because of my parents’ support, my sister and her husband’s support, so thanks to all.

My advice to other parents is that never ever give up, You are the right person for your child. Never compare your child with other child, every child is unique and there are lots of capabilities in every child, we have to give them exposure to explore that opportunities, through dynamic environment, with lots of unconditional love and patience.












Now let’s chat with the star of the interview – Kanha


Q) How old are you Kanha?

I am 14 yrs now.

Q) What school are you attending?

I am attending homeschooling programme, which is design by my mother.

Q) What are your hobbies Kanha?

I love reading, eating, painting.

Q) How do you spend your day Kanha?

I get up early morning for walk, then, prepare breakfast for myself, sometimes for my parents also, then get ready for homeschooling, I reached home at 2.30,after taking lunch, I watch you tube, then 4.30,will go for swimming. Around 5.30, I took evening snacks and went to Kanha Proteins.




Q) Do you like movies? What is your favourite music?

I love movies and listening music. I like Salman Khan, Akshay Kumar movies, l love jagjeet Singh. My favorite ghazals is “tere aane ki jab khabar mehke. ”


Q) Who is your favourite actor and actress?

My favourite actor is Salman, Akshay, Sunny Deol and my favourite actress is Aishwarya Rai, Juhi Chawla.




Q) When did you start your store – Kanha proteins?

Kanha Proteins started in 8th July 2018.




Q) What items are available in your store?

In my store you will get, Ice reams, chocolates, dairy products, cosmetic products, grocery items, namkeen which is made by me.



Q) What are your duties in the store?

I help my parents to keep the shop neat and clean, rearrange the products.


Q) What are the timings of your store?

The timings of my shop is 8 am to 10.30 pm night.


I admire the spirit of this family. When they couldn’t find a good therapy centre in their city, they started their own – Kanha society to help other Autism parents. It is the result of their unconditional love and support that  Kanha is such a star in his own right! God Bless You! May you reach greater heights and fulfill all your dreams.



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