Creative’s Let’s Measure Game



Let’s measure game from the house of Creative educational aids is a good way to work on building your kiddo’s knowledge of standard units of measurement. Included are 24 pairs of puzzle pieces that cover the units of measurement of weight, height, length, capacity and time.



The pieces are self correcting thereby enhancing accuracy. Spread out the one set of puzzle pieces and give the corresponding set to your kiddo. He/she has to scan the pieces and match them accurately. This game, in addition to developing understanding of measurement units, is good for improving visual skills, eye hand coordination, thinking skills and memory. You can place a corresponding sets of say four cards, face down on the table. Ask your kiddo to turn over two puzzles at a time and if they don’t match, turn them back and continue until he can match the pieces  by turning over only two cards at a time. Gradually increase the level of difficulty to match your child’s needs.




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