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Dhrov is a star on the Autism spectrum. He is a budding artist who recently sold ten paintings! He is loving, caring and loves to watch cartoons and play sports. Let’s meet this wonderful family and know more about Dhrov by chatting with his mother – Kalpana.


Q) Would you like to briefly share your autism journey with us?

Our journey started when Dhrov was 1 years 8 months we went to Gangaram because Dhrov had frequent episodes of cough and cold. The paediatrician advised us to meet a development Therapist and get an EEG done. The EEG report said Dhrov will not be able to speak and Development Therapist said he was autistic I was totally heart broken. We spent 6 months in denial going to different places to hear that he was ok nothing was wrong.


After a lot of struggle we finally gave in and realised it won’t help and we started his therapies and by God’s grace right in the beginning we got the best Therapists Milestones and Kumar Gaurav. Now the search for schools started we admitted him a nearby very very famous school chains (would avoid naming them) they couldn’t handle Dhrov he cried the whole day (I used to wait outside school and used to hear it) but when I picked him they cleaned his face gave chocolate and said he was very good today.




But again God was very kind and in nursery he got admission in Cambridge Primary School. The most supportive inclusive school I was allowed to shadow Dhrov and since then things have only got better. I have my days when I feel low and feel what will happen after me but I have faith in Dhrov’s abilities I am sure he will do something good in life.

We did have our share of bad and very bad experiences also specially with one of the speech therapists, where the madam felt that if child has behaviour issues his existence is useless :). We have had experiences with people who feel autism is contagious then we have our share of so called friends who always think negative for him and are even jealous of his achievements…and I am sure we all have such experiences…but when I sit and count such people I can count them on the fingers on only 1 hand…the people who love, support, encourage are far too many… my family specially my sisters & brother, my brother-in-law, in-laws, my dad, entire school staff…and my lovely friends specially my gang of girlfriends :).


Dhrov is the best thing that has happened to us, he has helped us grow spiritually, worldly things don’t matter as much now…I think we will achieve Nirvana faster than many other people :). His pure love and smile is what we long for our biggest stress buster. He can’t see me cry, if ever I cry in front of him he comes wipes my tears, kisses me and says sorry (he thinks he has done something wrong which made me cry). His love is pure and unconditional.




Q) Please share a few details and experiences about how it is to shadow Dhrov in school and how has inclusion helped him so far?

Dhrov’s school has been a boon for us. They helped me realise his love for dance and painting. The school goes to any length to help and support Dhrov and all other kids (especially the ones which different needs). It is not easy to sit in the school the whole day but it is fun and I have learnt so much about teaching techniques by virtue of sitting there. Dhrov is able to attempt the class papers with slight modifications in areas which are more thinking oriented.

As I write this he is learning march-past along with his class mates. He gets to participate in every activity in the school. He participated in Group dance without any help and he did so well that no one could point out who Dhrov was in the group which was such a big compliment.

The biggest lesson that I have learnt is that – The child can do what we believe he can do if we think he will not be able to do it he will not be able to do it. Believe in your child and always always encourage him/her.




Q) Your advice to other autism parents…

I still remember and will always remember the cycle my boss (Navyug) drew for me when I was in the denial mode and I want everyone to remember it.

Whenever we have a problem in life we go through these phases:




Denial — why me — anger — depression — acceptance — then we work and

then we succeed

If we can eliminate few of the negative phases or reduce the time between the transitioning from one phase to another we will achieve success faster.

Believe in yourself, believe in your child. Love him, encourage him and Success will have to follow you, it won’t have an option 🙂

I have seen many parents who hide the fact that their child has problems thinking that people will make fun of them…I don’t think that’s the case people who love you will continue to love you and support you irrespective of the problem and those who don’t will actually even without your telling anything will spread rumours and make you feel miserable. In my case everyone my family, friends (even those who may never ever meet Dhrov) know about his problem and they support us and try to find out what can be done to help him. Sit one day and count who matters and who doesn’t, the list of who doesn’t won’t be much don’t bother about them. Let people know your child is a gift and you love him believe me you will be happier and will be able to enjoy life and have fun, if you hide you are too scared to enjoy life that makes you miserable and eventually the child.




Now let’s meet the star of the interview – Dhrov

Q) How old are you Dhrov?

I am 10 years


Q) What are you studying?

I am in class V-A in Cambridge Primary School





Q) Your paintings are amazing. When did you start painting? What medium do

you use for painting?

Thank you.  I love colours. I paint on canvas using acrylic colours because I find it easy to mix different colours. I started using canvas in this summer vacations.




Q) Did you learn to paint? 

I learn in school in Art period. Anju ma’am always says “Dhrovi you will be an artist”. Mamma teaches me at home.


Q) Tell us about your painting exhibition please...

My exhibition was in Sunrise School, the exhibition was for only Sunrise school children but Sonali ma’am was very nice she allowed me to show my paintings. I was very very Happy as everyone clapped for me and said good things about me.




Q) That’s wonderful! How many paintings did you sell?

I had put 14 paintings and 10 were sold. I was very Happy to see the “sold” stickers on my paintings. I was happy and I was jumping.



Q) Tell us more about what inspires you to paint?

I cannot paint or draw small things easily 🙁 but nature is big and beautiful so I find it easy to paint nature. I like trees a lot they are different and very beautiful they give us oxygen also to live.





Q) What are your other hobbies Dhrov?

I love to dance and fight with papa.


Q) Do you like travelling? Favourite or recent vacation please..

Yes I love places which have water. I had gone to Goa in January I love Goa the most. I love to play in sea.


Q) Do you like playing sports? What games do you play?

Yes I love cycling and playing football and cricket.


Q) Do you like watching TV/movies? 

I enjoy watching Motu Patlu and Chota Bhim. Motu likes samosa and Chota Bhim likes ladoos. I also love ladoos.


Q) What is your favourite festival Dhrov?

Holi is the best festival, I love playing with water and colours and eat lot of sweets.




Q) What are your fav subjects Dhrov?  

I like science and maths. My teachers are very nice they help me when I am not able to do something they make it easy for me.

Q) How do you spend time with friends?

I don’t have many friends. Only in school I have friends they play with me. My best friend is Jhanvi and Avinash. Ma’am had shown my paintings in class all my friends clapped for me I was very happy.


Q) What do want to be when you grow up?

I don’t know. I could be a painter.



With such an amazing family who support him whole-heartedly with unconditional love and the support of his school and teachers, who helped him blossom, I am absolutely sure Dhrov will reach great heights both personally and professionally. God bless you Dhrov!



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