Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wants You To Know



Ten Things every child with Autism wants you to know is an immensely popular book written by Ellen Notbohm. Translated in to over 20 languages, this award winning book beautifully conveys the perspective of a child with Autism. Let’s take a look at the ten things your child with autism wants you to know:


I am a whole child – talks about the dangers of having too low expectations from your child as well as the pressures of having too high expectations.

My senses are out of sync – deals with the sensory processing difficulties faced by a majority of individuals with Autism and how important it is to address them.

Distinguish between won’t and can’t – there is a lot of difference between what your kiddo is not able to do vs what he/she chooses not to do.

I am a concrete thinker. I interpret language literally – describes difficulty with understanding idioms, non-specific instructions, inferences, etc.

Listen to all the ways I am trying to communicate – echolalia among other things.

Picture This! I am visually oriented – talks about the importance of visual schedules for our children.

Focus and build on what I can do rather that what I can’t do – this is true for every kid and even adults!

Help me with Social interaction – stresses the importance of teaching social thinking to our children as before we use language to communicate, we need to understand the perspective of our communicative partner and understanding how people are feeling, acting and reacting to what is happening between us.

Identify what triggers my meltdowns – discusses the five triggers, i.e., sensory overload, physical/physiological triggers, emotional triggers, frustration and poor examples from adults.

Love me unconditionally – the best gift you can give your child!


If your child has recently been diagnosed with Autism or if you want to understand your child’s perspective, then please read this book.


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