Fruit Link And Pet Link App




Pet link and fruit link app developed by Kevin Tran is an excellent way to work on visual perceptual skills, thinking skills, matching skills and problem solving skills. The pairs of animals and fruits are arranged in grids and your kiddo has to draw a path to match them. Sounds simple, right? The basic levels are quite easy as long as he/she makes sure that the paths don’t intersect.




This is a screenshot of level 5 grid and as you can see, it requires complex visual skills to complete this. The basic levels are free and the advanced levels can be purchased through in-app purchases. There is also an option to get hints for free by watching videos or purchase hints.




We have been using this app for a few months now and my son has now reached the 8×8 grid level. Its fascinating to watch him trying to figure out the solution for a challenging grid!


Do try out his free app! It is available on Google Play and itunes Store



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