Fun Therapy – Shapez

Shapez from EduToys is a fun learning game. The box contains 41 coloured tiles and 3 dice with shapes. Each tile has one/two or three shapes on it. Your kiddo has to throw the dice, take a look at the shapes on the dice and then find a matching tile containing those exact shapes.



You can start with tiles having only one shape and one dice, roll the dice and find the matching tile, then gradually add tiles with two shapes and roll two dices and eventually roll all three dices and play with tiles having three shapes.

The best thing about this game is  that your kiddo can play this game for hours without getting bored as each time the dice rolls, the matching criteria changes. Sounds fun, isn’t it? Join your kiddo in this game and have fun while developing visual skills, matching skills, thinking skills and fine motor skills.




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