Make Social Learning Stick!



Make Social Learning Stick – How to guide and nurture social competence through everyday routines and activities is written by Elizabeth Sautter with contributions from many eminent authors and professionals like Kari Dunn Buron, Leah Kuypers, Michelle Garcia Winner, Emily Rubin, Sarah Ward and Pamela Wolfberg.


Many books  for teaching social skills are geared towards professionals and parents are often not involved. But this book is very useful for parents as it talks about ways to improve your child’s social competence and social thinking through everyday activities. You don’t need any special material or skills to do these activities. The beauty of the book lies in guiding parents and caregivers in turning time spent with your child into teachable moments that are filled with pearls of wisdom that will make your kiddo more socially competent!


Three different scenarios are covered in this book – At home, In the community & Holidays and special events. In the home chapter, different situations are discussed like starting the day, getting ready for school, dinner or meal preparation, pretend play,  chores, indoor anti-boredom, etc. Each one is discussed in a separate page with many suggestions on how to inculcate social competence and learning and there is hidden rules section for each page too! For example in the Chores section, one of the suggestions is Whose clothes? The author suggests that ‘you ask the child to sort the laundry with you and have him make a smart guess about which clothes belong to which family member. Help him use the information that is available to him (eg., size and style) to determine which clothes belong to whom. This encourages thinking about others and problem-solving skills.’


I liked the Chart of all activities and the Areas they reinforce section. Here all the nearly 200  activities are listed with page numbers and the areas they reinforce like Emotional regulation, Cognitive flexibility, Nonverbal language, Thinking of others/perspective taking, Expressive language, Receptive language and following directions, Imagination & play, Executive functioning, Social rules and Observation & social awareness. The appendix has many useful resources like the Mood Meter, Sample conversation cards, Wonder questions, etc,.


A very useful and a much needed book for parents! You can purchase it from Amazon India



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