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Kidlo Coding App developed by IDZ Digital Pvt.Ltd. is an excellent app to foster coding skills in our children. This app is a bit different from the apps I generally review, which are mostly therapy based. But our children on the spectrum need more than that. They need to develop critical thinking skills, problem solving skills, memory, logical and creative thinking. Since many kids love games, Kidlo coding app is ideal for developing these skills in a playful environment. This is a subscription based app, with monthly and annual subscriptions, though you can download and try out a few free games.


There are more than 50 games in this app to teach coding and over 1000 challenging levels of game play. This is a quality app that is totally worth the price and is the winner of multiple awards like NAPPA,  Academics’ choice award, Mom’s choice gold award and many more. You kiddo will learn to code from easier sequences to moderately difficult loops to more difficult ones like functions, arrays, debugging and coordinates to advanced ones which they have to solve by a combination of above commands. Let’s take a look at some of the games :









The games are excellent with really good animations and will constantly challenge your kiddo to sharpen those all essential thinking skills. You can download the app from iTunesGoogle Play and Amazon.



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