Why Connect Game




Why Connect game is developed by Chalk and Chuckles and I really love this game. Chalk and Chuckles is indeed turning out to be one of my favourite brands! This game taps into your kiddo’s higher order thinking skills, logical skills and problem solving skills as he/she learns to explain how the cards are connected or related to each other.  The game comes with 90 tiles, 4 stands to place the tiles, a cloth bag and an instruction booklet. The tiles are colour-coded : Red tiles are for easy play and blue and red tiles are for advanced play.





Your kiddo has to connect tiles, explain the connection and score points to win the game. The connections can be made on the basis of function, same characteristics shared by the tiles, belonging to the same category and reasoning. For example, sweater and sun both keep us to warm; crocodile and turtle are both reptiles to more complex associations such as both sapling and chick are young ones; house and tent are both forms of shelter,etc,.


Interesting isn’t it? It is fascinating to watch my son come up with novel connections. Do try it with your kiddo.


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