Going To The Pet Store Vocational Task


Going to the pet store vocational task is developed by Dianne from Adaptive Tasks. This digital download features a pet store with 15 cute fish and ten customer cards.



We printed out three copies of this page so that my son can learn to sort fish by names. By the way, the names of the fish are pretty easy to remember too – rainbow fish, blue cloud fish and so on.



There are ten fish bowls with stones and plants. Your kiddo has to select the fish ordered by each customer and put them in the fish bowl. We added the price list for all fish, ranging from Rs 40 – Rs 80 and fish bowl as Rs 100/-. Got the play money and extended the task as now my son had to add the total cost of fish ordered and fish bowl and give change for the amount given.



You can make your own custom order cards. Simplify them to include only one fish/bowl or four or fish fish/bowl for more advanced order cards. This activity can help your kiddo learn following instructions and completing orders and learn money transactions. This digital download costs $3.50 and can be purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers





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