Infer & Explain Travel Trouble



Infer & explain travel trouble is a digital download developed by Creative Speech Lab. This product helps the child develop and hone multiple skills like inferencing, why questions, comparing and contrasting, attributes, what doesn’t belong, fact vs opinion and narrative skills. It is a no prep digital download – purchase it, download and print it out and you are good to go.





There are 16 passengers in the airport and their suitcases are jumbled up, with no name tags. The kiddo has to read the notes about each passenger which contains information about their name, age, reason for flight and other notes. The kiddo has to infer which suitcase belongs to which passenger by looking at the contents of the suitcases. For example, there is a 22 year old passenger Phil, who is travelling to attend the Master chef audition, your kiddo has to understand this and use thinking skills to infer that his suitcase would probable be the one that contains apron, cutting board, cookbook, chef knife and a stress ball! Then explain why the person packed those items in his suitcase. Since the airport doesn’t allow passengers to carry sharp objects or liquids, the kiddo has to figure out which items would not be permitted.



There is also a section, wherein, the kiddo has to find the common attributes between two passengers and another section asks the kiddo to figure out which parts of the passenger information notes are fact or opinion. All in all a thorough resource that targets multiple skills in our children. It costs $6 and can be purchased on Teachers Pay Teachers HERE



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