Sight Word Targets



Sight Word Targets from the house of Playdough to Plato is a wonderful way to practice playful learning. A huge thanks for the free download. Just print it out and put them on a wall. Your kiddo has to target the sight words by throwing a dart on the specified word/target. A great way to work on developing learning along with motor coordination and eye hand coordination.




This is a editable one, it means that once your kiddo is done with the current list of words, you can add new words and take another printout! This increases of scope of things you can teach using this game manifold. You can teach numbers, alphabets, sight words, synonyms, antonyms, addition ( for example, if you say 2 + 2 is, your kiddo has to target the card that reads 4), subtraction, multiplication and many many more!


What are you waiting for? Head over to Playdough to Plato to grab this free printable :




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