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Social Thinking is a topic that is very close to my heart.. I have previously reviewed a few amazing books and a software – Think Social – A Social Thinking Curriculum For School-Age Students, Helpful Books – Thinking About You Thinking About Me, Good Software – You are a Social Detective. 


Even if you can’t find the books or the software, watch the free webinars available on their website. They provide a greater understanding of the core concepts of Social Thinking and offer pearls of wisdom on how we can teach them to our children.


Let’s take a look at the list of the free webinars available :

Thoughts and feelings

Thinking with your eyes

The group plan

Is your body in the group

Whole body listening

Expected and unexpected behaviour

Smart guess

Flexible and stuck thinking

Zones of regulation

The social competency model

How to use social thinking materials

The other side of the friendship pyramid : dealing with dislike

10 steps to teaching social behaviour mapping


Its absolutely wonderful isn’t it? You get to learn all this amazing information on social thinking for free! All you need is time and a free account. Developing social thinking is a major goal for our children on the Autism spectrum and these webinars will guide you. My heartfelt thanks to the team of Social Thinking for providing us with such a wealth of knowledge without expecting monetary compensation. God Bless You!



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