The Guide To Good mental Health On The Autism Spectrum



The guide to good mental health on the Autism spectrum book is written by Jeanette Purkis, Autism advocate and public speaker on the Autism spectrum, Dr. Jane Nugent, a psychiatrist and Dr. Emma Goodall, who has a diagnosis of Asperger’s and is an Autism consultant and lecturer. This book is the brain child of two authors on the Autism spectrum and a renowned psychiatrist, so it provides a unique perspective to mental health on the Autism spectrum not only from a professional point of view, but also more importantly from the perspective of someone who is Autistic! A very useful book for adolescents and adults on the Autism spectrum. If you are a parent, this book will guide in developing the skills necessary for your child to thrive in this world.


The book delves in depth into many mental health issues that are commonly faced by individuals on the Autism spectrum – like Anxiety disorders, Depression, Self-harm, Suicidal thoughts, Psychosis, etc. as well as communication problems and sleep disturbances.  When we think about someone having anxiety disorders or depression, we often forget that individuals on the Autism spectrum may not manifest the typical symptoms or these symptoms often go unnoticed as we assume they are typical Autistic features. The authors stress the importance of this factor and also bring into light another important aspect. The diagnosis of mental health issues is often done by answering a questionnaire before discussing the problems with a psychologist/psychiatrist. Both of these methods can often lead to a misdiagnosis as the Autistic individual may have difficulty in answering questions by selecting between often/rare/occasional in the questionnaire due to literal thinking and face difficulty in discussing problems due to communication difficulties. The authors, therefore, explain in detail, how many mental health issues manifest in Autistic individuals and how to recognize and cope with them by providing peer advice from individuals on the spectrum. They also discuss the importance of medication when needed and other ways to cope.


The chapters on Mindfulness, Self-esteem and self-confidence, Resilience and the value of pets are very helpful as the authors suggest that they help Autistic individuals learn to cope well and thrive even when facing mental health difficulties! As a parent, these chapters, provide an insight into how we can work on building these essential skills in our children, thereby enabling them totackle difficulties that may arise later in life.



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