Loud Hands – Autistic People, Speaking



Loud Hands: Autistic people, speaking is a collection of insightful essays written by Autistic people. If you, like me, have always wondered what is happening in your child’s mind? What is he/she thinking? How can I help him/her grow up to become to a confident adult?  and What should I avoid doing?, this book will answer all your questions and teach you so much about the unique Autistic world.


The first part  of the book  – Historical foundations, is a collection of essays that discuss in depth the emergence of neurodiverse movement, when Autistic people began speaking for themselves and the birth of the slogan – “Nothing About us, without us”. Every essay here is a gem, but don’t miss the one written by Jim Sinclair – ‘Don’t Mourn for us ‘:




The second section is Current Realities and features essays on this topic. My favourites are ‘Loud hands and loud voices’ written by Penni Winter and ‘Loud Hands’ by April Herren. The title of the book – Loud hands is a direct response of the Autistic people who grew up listening to the command – Quiet hands in ABA, wherein, they were always forced to behave as neurotypicals  and their personality was always suppressed.


The third section is – What they do to us. We have been repeatedly told that neurotypical people have empathy, perspective taking, compassion, that Autistic people lack. The collection of essays in this section will shatter the myth and throw light on ruthless treatment meted out to Autistics and other disabled people, particularly, the essay -‘ Inhumane beyond all reason’ written by Shain Neumeier.


In the Rhetoric section, the essay – ‘Why I dislike person first language’ written by Jim Sinclair is a gem. In the next section – Voice, many essays feature the voice of Autistic people across the spectrum. My personal favourite is ‘ Loud hands: I speak up with my fingers’ written by Any Sequenzia.


In the next section – Moving Forward, the essays ‘Autism awareness is not enough: Here’s how to change the world’, written by Steve Silberman and ‘What I want to say to fellow Autistics’, written by Kaijaii Gomez Wick are truly enlightening and heart touching.


On this ‘ Autism World Acceptance Day 2019’, I want to apologize to all Autistic people who had to face inhumane treatment, abuse and discrimination. I hope and pray for a society that is more compassionate and understanding to these gentle souls!


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