Autism Therapy With MITA App


Autism Therapy With MITA App is an absolutely amazing application that is very helpful to children on the Autism Spectrum. Developed in collaboration with world famous neuroscientists and early childhood development specialists, MITA stands for Mental Imagery Therapy For Autism. It is developed on the solid principles of ABA and Pivotal Response Treatment and Language Therapy Techniques. It is multiple award winning app that is used by over a million children with ASD.



There are thousands of games available and are divided into easy, intermediate and advanced levels. You have fill a questionnaire and based on that, your kiddo can play multiple games ( you can choose the no. of games, say 5 or 7 or more) daily. The interface is simple and effective. Writing about all the games will make this post very long, so I will share a few images of the games and I highly encourage you to visit their website for more details.
















I am sure you’re impressed by the huge varieties of games available. Each game, in turn, has multiple levels with lots and lots of positive reinforcement for correct answers. The app comes with an annual subscription of $11.99 and is available on iTunes ( HERE) Google Play ( HERE) and Amazon app store ( HERE). Try the free trial before subscribing.


Don’t forget to check out their website. I hope you find it as useful as we have!




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