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The Autism Trail Guide – Postcards from the road less traveled, is written by Ellen Notbohm, author of the renowned books – Helpful Book – 1001 Great Ideas for teaching or raising children with Autism or Asperger’s and Ten Things Every Child With Autism Wants You To Know. This book is a compilation of essays she wrote for the parent-to-parent column in the Autism Asperger’s digest.


The essays in the book are grouped into six different parts, each covering the journey from the moment of Autism diagnosis to adulthood – The road begins, Postcards from the front lines, Postcards from the school room, Postcards from the home front, Postcards from the heart and Leave a trail. The range of topics covered is expansive and provide food for thought, no matter where you are on your Autism journey!


Ellen brings her unique blend of optimism, practical wisdom, years of experience and boundless parenting love to give pearls of wisdom for Autism parents. One of my favourite essays is – Seven pillars of wisdom, i.e., Live in the moment, Don’t therapize your child, Look for increments rather than increments ( small gains matter more) , Have a plan B, etc.


Another good essay is – The other side of the desk, where you can see from the perspective of your special education teacher and what he/she wants from you – Be team oriented, There’s a difference between assertive and aggressive, We cannot do everything for your child, See the positive in your child, Promote independence, etc.   I loved the essay – Leave a trail.


Parenting an Autistic child is an uphill climb but your attitude can make a lot of difference in both your life and in your child’s life. Books like these will give you the necessary boost when you need it.


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