Free Mother’s Day Card With Boardmaker Images



Mother’s day is around the corner and what better way to celebrate it than get a loving card from your kiddo! A huge thanks to Paddling through SPED for this wonderful freebie.




This is the layout of the card and your kiddo has to choose from the options ( next image) and cut and paste them to make you a beautiful card. The options given are kind, beautiful, smart,funny, caring, the best, loving and special. Maybe, even colour the flower if he/she is in the mood.




If you are a father, family member or teacher,  encourage the kiddo to complete this card and gift it to their mom. It will make her incredibly happy. If you’re a mom and reading this post, I urge you to help your kiddo complete the card and every time you see this, it will bring a smile on your lips and make your day!


This is a free digital download. You have to download and print it out before using it. You can get it HERE



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