Motivate To Communicate!


Motivate To Communicate! – 300 games and activities for your child with Autism is written by Simone Griffin, a Speech language pathologist (SLP) with over a decade of experience and Dianne Sandler, a Special educator with over three decades of experience. Often when a parent receive a diagnosis of Autism for their child, their focus is completely on finding therapist for their child who will teach their child to communicate and learn. But, as a parent, you are the one who spends more quality time with your kiddo, the one who has a bond with him/her and the person who is most committed to the child. The question is, how as a parent, you can help your child to gain communication skills and social skills. This book will help you by offering numerous play ideas and how everyday moments of life can be developed into ones where your child’s communication skills are nurtured!


The introductory chapter of the book stresses on the importance of motivation and how you can do that across the day and hence help them learn communication, while taking into consideration their sensory profile. From the second chapter onwards, each one focuses on a specific area such as food, party toys, social games, outside games as well as home and school, and how to motivate your kiddo to communicate in these scenarios. Each chapter is very well written in an easy to read format and is a treasure chest of ideas that you can directly use it with your kiddo or adapt it as needed. The communication strategies suggested are excellent.


In the chapter on – Motivate with food, the authors recommend various ways to get your kids to involve and communicate with you. Some of them are making shapes with toast, funny face toast with tomato and ketchup, writing on toast, introducing the concept of big/little, quantity ( more/less), using wrong utensils ( like giving a fork to eat soup and letting your child correct you) and so on and so forth.


The best thing I liked about the book is that is the authors constantly suggest that your kiddo need not be verbal to do these activities. Whatever mode of communication he/she uses, can be used, be it non verbal communication, yes/no, picture communication, etc.


I hope you find the book motivating and helpful as it puts the power in the hands of the parents and gives them many activity suggestions that they can start right now with readily available items and toys at home. You can purchase the book on Amazon India



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