ReadWorks Website



ReadWorks website is a dream come true for anyone looking for ways to improve reading comprehension skills. It is a non profit with the noble mission to provide thousands of free reading passages for students of grade levels kindergarten to 12th grade! You can create a free account and start exploring the wealth of reading content available in this website. You can explore on basis of topic – Poetry, Main Idea, Cause and Effect, Skills and strategies and Compare and Contrast. Another way to explore the content is by grade level or on the basis of topic like Science, Social studies, STEM, Literary fiction, etc.




Each reading passage comes with pre-made quizzes, worksheets to test the understanding. The best part is most of them are printable.





The questions for the kindergarten level are accompanied by images for easier understanding.






Other wonderful features I love about this website are Step-reads, that provides a less complex version of the nonfiction and literary articles; ReadWorks Article-A-Day and Audio versions, which are read aloud text to speech of articles and even question sets! Don’t forget to explore the vocabulary option when you visit the website.