The Parent’s Guide To Occupational Therapy For Autism



The Parent’s guide to Occupational Therapy for Autism and other Special needs : Practical strategies for Motor Skills, Sensory Integration, Toilet Training and More  is written by Cara Koscinski, an Occupational therapist with almost two decades of experience and an Autism mom herself. This makes the book unique as she lays out the complex world and terminology of occupational therapy in easy to understand words, thereby empowering parents with knowledge and a wealth of sensory activities that can be tried at home.


The first chapter of the book is all about introduction to occupational therapy and ways to find one that suits your needs. From the second chapter onwards, every chapter delves in to depth into a separate aspect of OT. Often, when your child receives a diagnosis of sensory difficulties, you are thrown into a new world of OT with little or no knowledge of how each aspect of it connects to the overall growth of your child. The author, expertly and patiently, explains every aspect in detail in these chapters. For instance in the second chapter on ‘Core Muscles and Reflexes’, the author describes the following aspects in detail :

What is a core muscle?

What should my therapist look for to assess core muscles?

What does handwriting have to so with core muscle weakness?

What is ‘W’ sitting?

Why is ‘tummy time’ so important for my child?

Why is crawling so important?

What does positioning mean?

What are reflexes?

What do parents need to know about reflexes?


The author follows these explanations with the ‘Out of the POCKET activity’, wherein, she suggests various activities to help develop that particular aspect. Very useful and informative.


Other chapters in the book include – Feeding and Oral-motor, Handwriting and the upper extremity, What do you mean – we have more than five senses, Behaviour and transitions during daily activities, Toilet training, Social skills and relationships, OT in school vs OT in an outpatient clinic, followed by a Pocket Occupational Therapist Developmental Checklist and Resource area.


A very thorough and useful book, particularly if you are in the initial stages of Autism journey. You can purchase it on Amazon India




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