Caterpillar Clutter Game



Caterpillar Clutter is an interesting game from the house of Chalk & Chuckles. It is the winner of the Toy Association of India in 2016 in the educational category. The game comes with 20 scene cards and 20 cards of shoes and a erasable score board.




The caterpillar has a collection of 20 shoes that are always in a clutter in the room. Your kiddo has to help by finding the shoes. There are two levels of game play. In the first level, there are 10 scene cards, wherein there is bright light and the shoes are easily visible. Your kiddo has to look at the card, memorize the shoes and find them from the clutter from memory.



In the second level, there are 10 scene cards in the dark. Your kiddo has to match the shoes to their shadow images.



The cards are progressive, starting from a few shoes to more shoes. It is a great way to help develop language, visual skills, thinking skills, matching skills and thinking skills in your kiddo.


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