Father’s Day Fill In The Blanks Card



Father’s Day fill in the blanks cards is a perfect way to make the day special for any special needs dad! This free digital download includes four different card blanks that are suitable for kids of all ages and abilities. It includes one toddler card, one preschool card, one elementary card and one handprint card/keepsake.


If your kiddo has difficulty with other cards, just use the handprint one. Other cards are all in the fill in the blanks model and gradually increase in difficulty with each card. For example, He/she has to fill the blanks with answers to father’s name, where does he work, what do they together and what he likes to eat, etc.


Make a card for the wonderful dad and make this father’s day truly amazing. You can download the free digital file HERE. A huge thanks to ‘Minor math resources’ for this freebie.





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