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Punctuation Puzzler software from the house of The Critical Thinking Company is also available as an e book. But since we used the software version, I will restrict my review to it. Punctuation puzzler series of e books/software is winner of Moonbeam Children’s book awards and is also a Jenkins group Bronze medalist. There are three levels in this series – A 1, B 1 and C 1. All of them follow a similar format and have 14-18 lesson per level with a total of 100 -130 questions per level.


Punctuation puzzler is an exciting way to sharpen your child’s punctuation and grammar skills as well as reading comprehension and thinking skills. Take a look at the examples below :






Each question comes with an image and a sentence or a few sentences that are not grammatically correct and don’t make much sense. The image gives clues as to where to place the comma or other punctuation marks to make the sentence(s) meaningful.


There is a learning mode and test mode and also a reward game. I hope you find it useful. Please check out the website for more details :






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