Question It App


Question It App developed by Language learning apps is an extensive app that focuses on answering WH-Questions. Developed by a Speech therapist, this app systematically helps children understand and answer the What, Where, Who and When questions.



There are four activities – Sort, Sentence, Advanced sentence and paragraph and each of them in turn has three levels – 1 (full colour cue), 2 ( partial colour cue or coloured border) and 3 ( no colour cue). In the Sort activity, your kiddo has to sort hundreds of words into people, places, actions and times.




In sentences and advanced sentences, your kiddo has to identify Wh-questions in random order from over 4000 sentences.






In paragraph activities, three sentences are given and he/she has to choose the appropriate answer.




With over 10,000 sentences and multiple levels of learning this app is indeed very helpful. SymbolStix icons are used throughout the app. Check out the free version of the app and if you’re satisfied you can purchase the full version through in-app purchase. The full app costs $9.99.


You can download the app on the itunes store HERE




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