What Color Is Monday?



What Color Is Monday? : How Autism changed one family for the better is a lovely read written by Carrie Carriello. She is a mother of five beautiful children, her second one – Jack is on the Autism spectrum. This book chronicles the journey of their family as they gradually come to terms with the Autism diagnosis and learn to love and embrace Autism. The book starts with a ‘Note to self’, the letter she would have liked to read when Jack was diagnosed. These lines, very aptly, sum up the essence of her journey :

” Right now, you are thinking you can fix him, that he will outgrow this. But you can’t and he won’t. Instead, both you and he will learn to coexist with it and in the process you will discover how grateful you are to be privy to the miracle of his mind. “


The author takes us through the journey of her family from the initial days of Autism diagnosis to days of frustration, days of laughter, days of family bonding, days of growing as a person and days of acceptance. I particularly loved the chapter – My Paper Boy, wherein, she talks about something that every Autism parent will agree i.e., ‘ that underneath all that diagnostic testing and medical terminology is a sweet little boy struggling to shine. The paper diagnosis fails to capture the beautiful gifts of his Autism’.


Jack struggles with communication and his sensory problems and often fixates on things likes cars, license plates, music, sees days as colours, asks people, ” How old are you?” and follows it up with ” And, when do you think you’re going to die?” He loves spending time with his family and often insists on doing activities where the entire family is involved. His love and acceptance shown by his siblings is heart-warming.


A beautifully written book that vividly portrays their journey. I am sure that will immense love and support from his family, Jack will reach new heights and flourish.


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