My Son’s Not Rainman



My Son’s not Rainman – One man, one boy with Autism, a million adventures is written by John Williams and is inspired by the blog of the same name. The movie – Rainman, was the cult movie that introduced the world to Autism and its challenges and strengths. But I believe it did a bad job of portraying that Autism is blessed with amazing savant skills like mental maths, photographic memory and many more such talents. But in reality, very few people on the spectrum have such skills. But everyone who watched the movie, expects this to be the norm rather than the exception. Very often, when we share our children’s autism diagnosis, the next question is – What is his/her special talent?  This book title voices the feeling of most parents, my child is not a rainman, but he/she is loving and a great human being and a warrior!


The book starts off with the birth of his son, who is addressed throughout the book as – The Boy. He had difficulty sleeping, would cry most of the time and when overwhelmed, biting was his weapon of choice. Though he was verbal, he  had utmost difficulty expressing his feelings and making friends.  After facing a lot of difficulties in early schooling, they get the diagnosis of Autism. Finally a explanation for all difficult behaviours and a way to claim services!


The author shares about his mental health difficulties, that started with depression and gradually became more crippling. He was finally diagnosed as having Bipolar disorder. The Boy always had difficulty walking and would tire easily and finally receives the diagnosis of Cerebral Palsy. In spite of all these difficulties, they have a great time and an amazing bond. I particularly loved the chapters where they developed games of their own, the disco at school and the golf club. It reinforces my belief that even when faced with difficulties, where there is love and hope, there is always a way to find happiness in the small moments! Aren’t these moments the ones that propel us towards our goal, not to make our children normal, but to see them reach their maximum potential! And in the process, if you are willing, your child will show you the true meaning of love!


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