The Loving Push



The Loving Push – How parents and professionals can help Spectrum kids become successful adults is written by Temple Grandin, who needs no introduction in the Autism world and Debra Moore who has a doctorate in psychology and has extensively worked with individuals with Autism for over three decades. Temple Grandin heard Debra Moore during a workshop and requested her to write a book and even agreed to co-author it with her. This book is the essence of her decades of experience and Temples’s own life experiences. More often than not, parents and caregivers often don’t focus on expanding our children’s comfort zone,but as the authors aptly point out, our kids can achieve their optimum potential when we lovingly push them to try new things and be more independent.


Part 1 of the book is – The path to success starts here : Restoring hope. Here we are introduced to eight individuals on the Autism spectrum. We get to know their background and their jobs and their struggles and triumphs. Throughout the book we keep learning how they blossomed from the loving pushes they got and how immensely helpful it was. It also talks in detail about the three necessary components of your child’s success, i.e.,

  1. Avoiding learned helplessness
  2.  Learning optimism and resisting habitual negative thinking and
  3.  The critical impact of mentors


Part 2 is – Stretching your child and avoiding pitfalls and discusses how to gently expand their comfort zones, the need for customized approaches, what to do when your kid doesn’t care or is chronically anxious, creatively reducing sensory overload, how to deal with sleep problems, eating junk food, etc. addressing psychological issues, easy-to-teach relaxation and mindfulness techniques and an exclusive chapter on compulsive gaming.


Part 3 is – Preparing your child for adulthood and includes chapters on teaching vital life skills needed for success like domestic life and household chores, getting around independently – driving or using public transportation, using an independent organizational aid, how to ask for help, social and community connection and many many more. Though your child may not be on the higher end of the spectrum as the individuals featured in this book, there is always scope for improving their independence and vocational skills and this book will provide you with plenty of ways to give him/her the loving push they need to reach their optimum potential. Just remember to start slow and gradually expand their comfort zone, giving them hope and encouragement and at the same time be there for them to support them when needed.


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