A Book About What Autism Can Be Like




A book about what Autism can be like is written by Sue Adams, a mother of two sons on the Autism spectrum and a teacher. The foreword is written by the late Donna Williams.


Explaining Autism to adults is not an easy task and it is even more challenging explaining  it to kids in such a way that it gives a positive and more realistic understanding. You must have often faced this difficulty. Sue Adams wrote this book to explain her son’s Autism to his friends. It is easy to read and has illustrations to drive the point home.


The book starts off with introducing two kids – Chris and Andrew,  who are similar in some ways and different in other ways. It goes on to explain how Chris may feel overwhelmed by different things and may have difficulty following instructions in a classroom. It encourages his friends to help Chris to understand and interpret the messages.


The book does a good job of explaining the challenges of Autism like stims, difficulty expressing his/her thoughts, sensory differences, introducing famous people with Autism and encourage kids to embrace difference and ways to help their Autistic friends!


This short book is a great way to introduce someone young, be it their friends, classmates, extended family or neighbours to the world of Autism.


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