Kangaroo Island photo Classifying App



Kangaroo Island Photo classifying app is another excellent app from the house of Super Duper Publications. This app fosters the development of classification skills in our children through six fun games. There are a total of 15 categories in this app – Animals, clothing, food, instruments, furniture, numbers, upper and lower case letters, kitchen, colours, bathroom, shapes, tools, toys and instruments.


There are six games in this app . Let’s take a look :



In Class-A-Roo, your kiddo has to drag the correct option that belongs to the specified category and put in to the pouch of the kangaroo.


In Picking Parrot and Turtle river , he/she has to sort the items in to the given  categories.


In Skink ball, your kiddo has to roll the ball into the correct lane  of the five categories given.


In Koala canvas, he/she has to colour the pictures with the category colour, for example, brown colour for all alphabets.


In Seal search, your kiddo has to find the one that doesn’t belong to group to reveal a part of the hidden picture.


With over 300 pictures across the categories and six interactive games, this app will keep your kid engaged in playful learning. It costs $9.99 and can be purchased HERE




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