Anatomy Of Autism



Anatomy of Autism is a beautifully written book by Diego Pena. He was nine years old when he wrote this book. He is minimally verbal and learned to communicate by following Rapid Prompting Method. Then he gradually became adept at communicating by pointing at a letter board, by typing on a key board and by using an ipad. This book lives up to the words often used to describe our children – to the point and honest! The foreword is written by Ido Kedar – Author of the famous book ‘Ido in Autismland.’ The afterword is written by DIego’s mom where she shares that though she loved her son, she only got to understand him once he started to communicate.


Diego articulates his inner thoughts and feelings in a few short chapters. Allow me to quote a few sentences I really loved. I just wish I could write as well as he does!


” I have experienced both judgement and freedom. When I was judged my wings were bound by the low expectations and I could not succeed. Now that I am free to be Autistic, I soar.”


”  Really the truth is my autistic behaviours are my  coping behaviours because the anxiety pushes my body to react constantly to the sensory system.”


“Communication is more than talking; it’s the lifeline to love, friendship, needs and success.”


God bless you Diego! May you achieve all your goals and fulfill your dreams.

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