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Picture This! is a collection of three app that are developed by an Australian SLP Alana Noakes to help kids who are visual learners learn to develop sentences. The first app is  – Picture This! Basic Sentence Structures. In this app, your kiddo has to select the correct response to what is happening in the picture and thereby build the sentence visually. There are over 150 sentences in three levels.



The second app is – Picture This! Describing Objects. Here your kiddo will learn to describe object using one adjective ( describing size, shape, feel, taste,etc. ) or two adjectives  ( size – big/small, tall/long/short, size and pattern, etc.)




The third app is – Picture This!  Descriptive sentences and it is all about adjectives in the sentence structure. There are 98 sentences and ten levels and cover adjectives about shape, pattern, size, temperature, material, patterns and state.




The apps can be purchased individually and cost $1.99 each and can also be purchased as a bundle which is far more effectively priced at $3.99. You can purchase it HERE




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