Self-Regulation & Mindfulness



Self-Regulation and Mindfulness – over 82 exercises and worksheets for Sensory Processing Disorder, ADHD and Autism Spectrum Disorder is written by Varleisha Gibbs PhD. The author is a director and associate professor in an Occupational therapy college and has years of experience working with and helping children and families with sensory processing difficulties and self-regulation.


The first part of the book gives an in-depth information of how our brain works, the science behind self-regulation and mindfulness with lots of posters and activity sheets and lessons on the four principles, i.e., Multisensory regulation, Emotional regulation, Executive functioning and mindfulness & Mindfulness and compassion.  It was enlightening to read how the brain functions differently in our children. She explains in everyday language how the sensory information is not filtered and everything is processed with the same intensity and also the importance of the different parts of the brain as well as how they are not optimally functioning in our children and most importantly how we can help them!


Part two of the book is all about ways to help our children get better at self-regulation and mindfulness. The author discusses the importance of the nine targets and how working on them can take us closer to a more self-regulated child. They are :

  1. Touch and heavy work
  2. Hydration and oral motor
  3. Metronome and timing
  4.  Right and left brain integration
  5.  Patterns and repetition
  6.  Breath and Valsalva
  7. Vision and sound
  8. Movement
  9. Inhibition


Each of them is discussed in detail in separate chapters with suggested activities. There is also a chapter on trouble shooting challenging behaviours. The appendix has some fun projects to try.


I found this book really helpful and I hope you find it useful too. You can purchase it on Amazon India





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