Animal Tape Rescue



Animal Tape rescue is an excellent activity that provides the much needed fine motor workout for our children. I came across this activity on the Busy Toddler website, you can read more HERE.  It is very easy to set up this activity. You will need a tray or even card board will do. Stick the animals with a tape and your kiddo will have to rescue the animals by removing the tape. If animals are not your kiddo’s cup of tea, try toys, vehicles, or anything that fascinates him/her. You can make it more difficult by changing the tape to more sticky ones like electrical tape or surgical tape.


Another interesting way is describe the animal, say I am the largest animal on Earth and I have tusks, your kiddo has to infer that you are talking about an elephant and then rescues it.




Taping the animals on a vertical surface as shown on the Play Inspired Mum website adds a gross motor challenge in addition to fine motor workout. You can read more HERE




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