Jungle Time App



Jungle Time app developed by Andrew Short is the best app to teach time to our children. I know, I don’t normally use the word – best app, but read all the features below and am sure you will agree with me. The app is jungle themed and you can select which animal face you want on the clock or you can even have a blank clock without any animal face and roar.


There are four categories in this app :

Tell time – scroll to select the time


Set time – move the hands on the clock to set the time


Tell elapsed time – how far ahead/behind is the second clock

Set elapsed time – set the second clock to tell the elapsed time


There are multiple levels in this app, wherein, your kiddo can learn to progressively move to tougher levels from 1 hour, 30 mins, 15 mins, 5 mins and 1 min. Each level has all the four categories of game play  as seen above. You also have the option to select among three clock options – Standard, learning ( with hours and minutes) and Classic with roman numerals. There is also an option to learn with 12 or 24 hour clock notation. Each time you can see a fresh set of problems to solve and you can set the reinforcer to appear after five correct answers or more.


Now that you have read the review, do you agree that this indeed the best app to teach time? It costs $2.99 and can be purchased HERE




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