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Autism: What does it mean to me? A work book about self-awareness and life lessons for kids/adults with Autism or Asperger’s book is written by Catherine Faherty. She is one of the pioneers of the TEACCH program and has been working with students, families and therapists ever since the 1980’s.Her immense body of work has helped thousands of people and her books are carrying forward her legacy. This book is an updated edition and includes sections for older readers on the spectrum. This is the most autism friendly book written by a professional! She creates a positive approach and encourages parents and therapists to  always consider the sensory and other limitations of the autistic individual and work from a space of understanding.


The topics discussed in this book are – autism, the sensory experience, ways of thinking, talent and creative expression, people, understanding, thoughts, communication, school, friends, feeling upset and happiness. Each chapter starts off with a workbook that is meant for the autistic individual ( parent/therapist can help if needed) and introduces each topic in the social story format and gives multiple options for the reader to elicit their responses. This is followed by a section for older readers and the final section is for parents, teachers and therapists and provides guidelines for helping the autistic individual reach their maximum potential.


Let me elaborate with an example. In the chapter on ‘Ways of thinking’, the author discusses focused interests, focus on details, ways to learn that he/she is comfortable it ( watching other people demonstrate it, reading about it, writing about it, talking about it, thinking about how it fits with his/her focused interest, making things related to the topic of learning, etc.) , perfection versus doing your best, routines and familiarity, changes, schedule can help with flexibility and last minute changes. In the older readers section, the author discusses attention and single mindedness, attention and multi-tasking, getting distracted, ways to getting organized, learning from mistakes ( the seven step plan) and uncertainty. The parents and teachers section talks about the importance of the need for success, dealing with mistakes and inconsistency, visually structured teaching and everything you need to know about schedules.


A thoroughly informative and a very good book. You can purchase it on Amazon India




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