Social Perspective Taking App



Social Perspective Taking is an excellent app developed by Social Skill Builders for children aged seven and above. There are four titles available in this app –  My community, my school day, School rules 1 ( structured interactions) and School rules 2 ( unstructured interactions)



I particularly liked the – My community section, which in turn has several sub-sections like restaurant, movie theater, doctor’s office, friend’s house, street safety, grocery store, car ride and phone booth. In each sub-section, there are multiple scenarios of people interacting and thought bubbles/speech bubbles, that your kiddo has to figure out and match the correct thought bubble/speech bubble to the appropriate person.




The same holds true for the other sub-sections that revolve around school and cover multiple scenarios like  classroom rules, cafeteria, recess, social chit chat, hanging out and many many more.



With over 100 images ( scenarios) covered, this app is very comprehensive and useful for teaching the elusive perspective taking skills to our children on the Autism Spectrum. The app costs $5.99 and can be purchased HERE





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