A “5” Could Make Me Lose Control



A “5” Could Make Me Lose Control : An activity-based method for evaluating and supporting highly anxious students is written by the immensely popular author, Kari Dunn Buron. She has over thirty years of experience working with individuals with Autism and is the co-author of the book – The Incredible 5-point scale. This is the review of the loose-leaf version and consists of a booklet and cards :





There are numerous cards – both versions, i.e., only words and pictures and words to support all learners. The concept is pretty simple. Your kiddo has to sort the cards in to the appropriate slots:

  1. I can handle this
  2. This might make me feel uncomfortable
  3. This could make me really nervous
  4. This can make me mad! and
  5. This can make me lose control!


There is an additional slot for stressors and ways to cope. As your child/adolescent completes this activity, they will learn to identify and cope with difficult situations. There are blank cards included to individualize them. This is more of an hands-on, practical resource.


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